Project Description

I.D.E.A. developed a deep, multi-user, multi-portal application that enables all of Infiniti’s USA dealerships to be reviewed and rated by field inspectors. The results are recorded onsite via iPads (uploading photos and comments) and submitted to headquarters and other admin users including regional managers and the dealerships themselves. The system called for a robust networked solution of portals that allowed some viewers only limited access so that regional managers and headquarters can communicate in confidence.

The application allows for over 80 standards of sales, service, management and training to be measured, documented and shared with other parties. Standards like outdoor signage and indoor POP can be documented in writing as well as with photos that are subsequently shared and stored as evidence of compliance or non-compliance.

The Dealership’s portal allows them to remediate; they can review areas they fell short in, learn what changes are needed to meet standards and inform headquarters of the improvements made.

The entire process from scheduling the field operatives to remediations are tracked and documented on individual’s dashboards. Alerts are generated and internal communications are routed allowing different levels of access.