This multi-user, multi-portal application enables field inspectors to rate, categorize, inventory and report with notes and photos. The results are recorded via iPads and submitted to headquarters and other admin users. The application allows for any number of elements to be measured, documented and shared with other parties.

The entire process from scheduling field operatives to remediation are tracked and documented. Alerts are generated and internal communications are routed allowing different levels of access.

This application enrolls, profiles, tracks, communicates and cross references all your contractors. Everything from a supplier’s contact info down to their shirt size is recorded and filed to help expedite finding the right contractor for the right job, as well as getting their invoices and payments routed and tracked.

The application does real time invoice tracking and allows suppliers to contact your company’s corresponding supervisor . The system has filters that quickly match suppliers with the task at hand. And when an invoice is approved a hard copy is generated for your accounting department and the contractor is alerted that their invoice is being processed.

This application is designed to offer centralized information distribution to multiple satellite users.

This online information center is capable of disseminating relevant bulletins concerning any subject matter; products, training, updates, etc. to hundreds of worldwide or nationwide users.

This app includes a robust filtering system, ie: by region, state, name, brand or any other you deem necessary. It also allows you to pre-schedule when the information will be posted and removed… automatically.

Signing on is flexible, allowing for Single Sign On… the user may enter their intranet portal and then automatically have access to the information on this app.

I.D.E.A. has built an eLearning Module Template that can be customized based on a individual company’s branding and required feature needs. The template is SCORM compliant and allows companies to maintain a consistent look and feel within their current design environment. The template is easily updatable and comes with documentation that users can follow to create additional modules.
I.D.E.A. built a tool that automates the ordering process for agents requesting tradeshow booths. The online tool is fully automated and allows agents to book tradeshow booths for different events. This saves time and money for the company, as there is a lengthy process in requesting and booking a booth. The site allows the agent to do this interactively and the tool checks for availability and completes the appropriate approval cycles without a live person being involved. This tool can be adapted to many different types of approval/ordering processes.
I.D.E.A. created a tool to present speaker presentations online. Whether it is a national corporate meeting or subject matter expert conference, we can put it online easily and cost effectively. This includes all the speaker support materials, script and video. We will customize the look and feel of the intuitive interface to match your company’s branding. This program can also be put to CD-Rom. Flexible, versatile, and super easy to use, this program offers great playback speed and quick access to any area of the presentation.
I.D.E.A. has created a tool that speaks to many large corporation’s presentation needs. Large corporations go through much time and expense to create PowerPoint presentations for their sales, distributors, etc. only to have them change the content, message and add clip art. The corporation ends up not having a consistent message, image or brand. I.D.E.A. has built a tool that allows the salesperson to edit and update only the slides that corporation want them to and locks the others so they cannot be edited. The slides can be reordered, deleted, and saved. The program runs directly off the CD, therefore no software is needed. It runs just like PowerPoint, so no additional training is needed.
I.D.E.A. has built an interactive online tool that allows a client to select a type of direct mailing campaign, customize it and assign it to the stores and locations of their choice. This tool is all automatic and even takes the client through the approval process. This eliminates any errors from taking information over the phone and frees up time to add value to serving the client. The tool also has an administrator function that allows for adding new clients, images and specifications.
I.D.E.A. has built a tool that posts company videos online. This tool features a robust search function with keywords and categories to quickly retrieve associated video clips. This allows the users to review specific parts of the videos quickly without watching the complete video. The tool can hold 20+ videos and displays a clickable video index of each. The videos run with high quality and speed on even lower bandwidth Internet connections. This tool is a great addition for companies taking their training online. Companies can now transfer their past training video to their online environment with the addition of searching capabilities.